CSE Seminors

5.SKY X Technology:
 Seminar Description: Satellites are attractive option for carrying internet and other IP traffic to many locations across the globe where terrestrial options are limited or [censored] prohibitive. But data networking on satellite is faced with overcoming the large latency and high bit error rate typical of satellite communications as well as the asymmetric bandwidth design of most satellite network.Satellites are ideal for providing internet and private network access over long distance and to remote locations. However the internet protocols are not optimized for satellite conditions. So the throughput over the satellite networks is restricted to only a fraction of available bandwidth.Mentat , the leading supplies of TCP/IP to the computer industry have overcome their limitations with the development of the Sky X product family.The Sky X system replaces TCP over satellite link with a protocol optimized for the long latency, high loss and asymmetric bandwidth conditions of the typical satellite communication. The Sky X family consists of Sky X Gateway, Sky X Client/Server and Sky X OEM products.Sky X products increase the performance of IP over satellite by transparency replacing. The Sky X Gateway works by intercepting the TCP connection from client and converting the data to Sky X protocol for transmission over the satellite. The Sky X Client /Server product operates in a similar manner except that the Sky X client software is installed on each end users PC.Connection from applications running on the PC is intercepted and send over the satellite using the Sky X protocol. The Sky X Gateway and Sky X Client/Servers systems replaces TCP over satellite link with a protocol optimized for the long latency, high loss and asymmetric bandwidth conditions of the typical satellite communication. Adding the Sky X system to a satellite network allows users to take full advantage of the available bandwidth. The Sky X Gateway transparently enhances the performance of all users on a satellite network without any modifications to the end clients and servers. The Sky X Client and the Sky X Server enhance the performance of data transmissions over satellites directly to end user PC’s, thereby increasing Web performance by 3 times or more and file transfer speeds by 10 to 100 times. The Sky X solution is entirely transparent to end users, works with all TCP applications and does not require any modifications to end client and servers.
 Seminar Description:Refers to the embedding computers and communication in our environment. Idea behind this is to make the computing power disappear in the environment, but always present when needed. It involve the interaction, coordination, and cooperation of numerous, casually accessible, and often invisible computing devices. Mobile computing and communication are the major parts of Pervasive computing system. Prime goal to make human life more simple, safe, and efficient by using ambient intelligence. Voice and gesture recognition along with steerable interface make interactions and use of these devices more user friendly.
Seminar Description:Smart Paper is a material that looks and feels very much like thick, glossy paper, but is actually a controllable display surface. Invented by Nicholas Sheridon Produced in rolls like conventional paper. But unlike regular paper, it is electrically writeable and erasable.
8.Augmented Reality:

Seminar Description:An Augmented Reality system generates a composite view for the user. It’s a combination of the real scene viewed by the user and a virtual scene generated by the computer that augments the scene with additional information. AR systems have the following three properties: Blends real and virtual, in real environment Interactive in real time Registered in 3D.


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