Techmahindra placement Pattern

Placement Pattern:
No. of rounds are 3:

1. online written exam examination (max. elimination in this round)
2. technical round and HR..
3. GD

the written exam contains englis(tenses,articls,prepositns,paragraphs,sntence verb agreement,sentence completion,some synonyms etc) 100 questions need to solve in 40mins n aptitude(quant, verbal n non verbal reasoning) 70 qstns need to solve in 40mins..its very easy bt time factor..both r separate xms..40 mins are given for each..coding decodin,number series,number anologies,non verbal reasoning, partnership,prblms on ages etc are given...all are damn easy bt the thing is u need to think well in that tym...40mins is more than enof for in reasoning u need to b little bit practic well bt do not neglect english dey are simple n confusing.

questions in techincal n HR round(both happend simultaneosly for us):
1. go on with urself
2. tel about your project
3. was asked to write 2 programs.(fibonacci series,case conversion of an entered
name from upper to lower n vice versa)
4. do u hav anything to ask us


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