3 Tips For Off Campus Success

3 Tips For Off Campus Success:
3 Tips For Off Campus Success         3 Tips For Off Campus Success
Top colleges have good placements track record. However, this might not be true with
medium graded colleges where percentage of campus placements could be much lower. In
these cases, you would be required to find your job through off campus drives. Below are 3
tips to stay calm, cool and focused.

Tip 1: Your Mindset Is The Key
3 Tips For Off Campus Success         3 Tips For Off Campus Success
Firstly, you should be in the right frame of mind to tackle the off campus heat. Many
fresher’s start wondering if they could beat thousand others from several colleges to secure a
job with the company. This fear naturally doubles if you are an average or below average
student at your academics. However, this fear is certainly not going to help you. Actually,
just your preparation matters irrespective whether you are attending on campus or off
campus. If you are going to score a decent percentage during on campus drives, no matter
whether you are competing with 1000 or 10,000 candidates, you are sure to get shortlisted.
It’s as simple as that.
3 Tips For Off Campus Success         3 Tips For Off Campus Success
Tip 2: Take Advantage Of The Fact That Your Employer Does Not Know You Before
This is again a very simple truth that many youngsters tend to forget. Say you are an average
scorer at your academics, the chances are that most of your professors would already know
about you and could had valuated your semester papers with the mindset that "Oh man, he is
not going to score above 60% anyways, why not me rush and finish correcting!!". Now,
coming to placement tests, your employers are generally kind gentlemen who do not know
about your past performances. Also, placement tests are generally of objective type and no
employer is going to reduce your marks because your overall academic semester percentage
is below average. Hence come out of the shell and give your best shot ahead of most your
3 Tips For Off Campus Success         3 Tips For Off Campus Success
Tip 3: Learn From Your Parents
Do you know that most of your parents fought a mini battle after their graduation days to get
a decent job? During those days, unemployment was on a record high in India. Even then,
have you met any friend of your father or mother still wearing a tie and searching for jobs?
Another important truth is that almost 90% of your father's friends would fall into the same
income group irrespective of whether they were a topper or an average student. What you
think as a pressure is nothing when compared to your parent's good old job search days.
Learn to be positive and confident by looking at your parents.
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