Dont Misunderstand Kajal Agarwal It was Morphed Photo

Actress Kajal Agarwal has a good reason to be fuming and fretting the way she is.
FHM, a Mumbai-based men’s magazine has morphed her picture as a topless girl to gain some “cheap publicity” by stooping to the lowest practices of yellow journalism.
Kajal who arrived in B-town with the smashing success of Singham, had done a photo shoot for the magazine, but her fabricated topless picture was published on the cover, thereby tarnishing her image.
Her sister and actress Nisha Agarwal says that the gimmick has done a lot of damage to the actor’s image, adding that Kajal would never dream of doing such a thing.
She says the family was upset since they were getting innumerous calls from friends, family and well-wishers from the industry, expressing shock over the issue. “We had to explain to them that it was a morphed picture and exposed the unprofessional conduct of the publishing house,” she adds.
The actress is infuriated and is planning to take action against the magazine and halt the issue of the magazine from hitting the stands.
Industry bigwigs thought that Kajal had turned bold in a desperate attempt to get B-town offers. However, it all turned out to be a scam not involving her at all.


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